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CD LR 645


Steve Day 

Strewn with Pebbles

Release date: 2012/06

Single CD (audio): GBP 10.00*
listen cd_lr_645.mp3
"A voice that cracks itself open with words that cut to the truth of things." Steve Day has been compared to David Byrne and Tom Waits, such references offer an indication of what is at the nub of this Zeitgeist recording. "Strewn With Pebbles" contains 10 songs worked through with saxophones and guitar (Aaron Standon), piano and Hammond organ (Bill Bartlett), voice and percussion (Steve Day). The structure of each song is built on collective improvisation informed by a jazz knowledge which has been part of Leo Records since its inception. Both Aaron Standon and Bill Bartlett played on previous Leo Records recordings by Steve Day: "Visitors" (CD LR 567) and "Song Of The Fly" (CD LR 600).
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