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CD LR 633


Urumchi; Saadet Turkoz / Hans Hassler / Alfred Zimmerlin / Fredy Studer 


Release date: 2012/05

Single CD (audio): GBP 10.00
listen cd_lr_633.mp3
Saadet Turkoz is totally unique. She sings and improvises in Kazakh and Turkish languages. The band Urumchi was co-founded by the late saxophonist Werner Ludi whose memory this CD is dedicated to. Saadet’s originality is matched by the brilliant Swiss veterans of new music playing accordion (Hans Hassler), cello (Alfred Zimmerlin) and drums/gongs (Fredy Studer). From unashamed lyricism through shaman-like incantations to controlled chaos - I bet you’ve never heard anything like this before.
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