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CD LR 594/595


Joelle Leandre Tentet; Joelle Leandre / John Tilbury / Kevin Norton 

Can You Hear Me?

Release date: 2011/01

Double CD (audio): GBP 20.00
listen CD_LR_594.mp3CD_LR_595.mp3
In 2011 Joelle Leandre celebrates her 60th birthday. Two years earlier she had two performances at the Ulrichberg Kaleidophon in Austria. First with the tentet, then in a trio with the veterans of new music pianist John Tilbury and drummer Kevin Norton. This double CD has been recorded live at the Kaleidophon. The piece performed by a tentet of young and talented musicians was composed and notated while the trio performance was improvised. Having composed music since 1974, Joelle does not differentiate between composition and improvisation and her immaculate sense of form and structure make her improvised pieces sound like compositions and vice versa.
Joelle Leandre : double bass
Susanna Gartmayer : clarinets
Boris Haus : saxophones
Lorenz Raab : trumpet
Bertl Mütter : trombone
Burkhard Stangl : electric guitar
Thomas Wally : violin
Elaine Koene : viola
Melissa Coleman-Zielasko : cello
Kevin Norton : percussion
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