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CD LR 279


Dominic Duval With the C.t. String Quartet 

Under the Pyramid

Release date: 2000

Single CD (audio): GBP 10.00*
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Dominic Duval's previous CDs with the C.T. String Quartet got the highest critical acclaim.

With this new recording, Dominic Duval (bass), Tomas Ulrich (cello), Jason Hwang (violin) and Ron Lawrence (viola) take their instant composing to new heights.

These four virtuosos sacrifice their egos for the sake of finding a totally unique sound in the history of chamber ensembles.

The total time is 64'14

Liner Notes

( Collapse liner notes )

under the pyramid
   Consider this, with the constant bombardment of mediocrity from all
directions in our art, politics and every-day life, I wonder if I am able to
ever get excited about anything ever again. The acceptance of what has gone
before us as a constant state of affairs has rendered us all numb. Allowing
the past to dictate our future is to limit our growth and potential. The
potential for progress is being stolen by a mindset whose best interests are
better served by mindless servants who feel they must be told what to like
in every aspect of their lives.

The Fairy Tale

   Envision the strings of the violins of this string quartet as drill bits
on a giant drill.  They are slowly turning away from underneath the base of
the great structure drilling a small circle. Slowly driving upward through
the center, they are finally breaking through to the top. The light from
above rushes down through the hole just made lighting up the very ground
beneath where we are all trapped. Now we can see all that surrounds us,
seing the darkness for what it is: a trap. We as a whole are all caught up
in this trap.  It crushes the joy of discovery. What we have to look forward
to is the future. It certainly can't be the past. Been there, done that.

The Real Deal

   All of the musical pieces on this CD are shades of dark. Some more dense
than others. The real deal is a storey which I am always trying to tell.  We
are all like sponges in a desert looking for an oasis, but finding a small
puddle instead.
   But you know, a little water here, a little water there, and pretty soon
you wind up like Noah. You have to rent a boat!

   I dedicate this music to the people of Mexico for their great strength
and courage and ability to withstand most difficult hardships. They will
continue to survive against all the odds. A great lesson in history for us
all to learn from and draw strength.

   Thank you Barry Kolstein for your never ending support and for the way
you make all my instruments sound as wonderful as they do. Thank you Carleen
Hutchins for developing this splendid instrument and letting me play it

Dominic Duval
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