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List all titles from these artists: Kuryokhin

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CD no.coverArtist(s) TitlePrice / Audio CD(s)
CD GY 014CD_GY_014 Sergey KuryokhinThe Ways of Freedom
GBP 11.00*
CD GY 401/404CD_GY_401/404 Guyvoronsky / Volkov / Sergey Kuryokhin / Valentina Ponomareva / Anatoly VapirovGolden Years of Soviet New Jazz Vol.I
-Sold out
CD LR 175CD_LR_175 Valentina Ponomareva Live in Japan
-Sold out
CD LR 179CD_LR_179 Sergey KuryokhinSome Combination of Fingers and Passion
-Sold out
CD LR 767/768CD_LR_767/768 Sergey KuryokhinThe Spirit Lives (CD + DVD)
GBP 20.00*
CD LR 801/808CD_LR_801/808 Document New Music From Russia; The '80s'
-Sold out
CD LR 813/816CD_LR_813/816 Sergey KuryokhinDivine Madness
GBP 30.00*
CD LR 910/916CD_LR_910/916 Sergey Kuryokhin Absolutely Great! Sergey Kuryokhin In California, 1988 (7-cd Box)
GBP 25.00*
CD LA 97030CD_LA_97030 Sergey KuryokhinJust Opera
-Sold out
CD LA 980101CD_LA_980101 Sergey Kuryokhin / David MossTwo for Tea
-Sold out

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